Day One- I was ready for everything, but not for this.

Long distance kayak trips start with eating well and strenuous mental preparations. Half of the team was mentally unprepared while the other half was on a strict alcohol, sugar and tobacco diet.

Hungarians never cease to amaze me with their nutritional habits. Instead of a protein and vitamin rich regimen here is what was used as body fuel on this Hun majority kayak expedition:

  • Adrienne announced that she eats only chocolate for breakfast.
  • Janos arrived in Greenland with a case of Tuborg and swore that he’s not going to paddle without a few shots of Palinka (brandy) in the morning.
  • Others stuck to a strict chocolate cream cookie, Coca-Cola, Marlboro and paprika sausage regime.
  • Gabor simply never ate breakfast because his priorities lied in oversleeping and meticulously rearranging his gear.

The chain smoking, cookie eating, brandy drinking set was almost ready to sail until two people decided that kayaking on open waters might be too dangerous. I was prepared for everything, but not for the comically painful fjordside drama unfolding in front of my eyes at T minus 8 hours.

Adrienne and Norbi gaining valuable insight into sea kayaking before settling for a tandem kayak.

The village of Narsaq and its stunning bay.

Couldn’t fall asleep in the setting sun at 11:30PM. Narsaq base camp.

I was ready for almost anything.




Home made iceberg fridge with cream cheese, kefir and a mild overdose of smoked herring.

On the morning of July 10th after another shot of palinka and bar of chocolate all 10 of us sailed from the iceberg strewn bay of Narsaq into the unknown.

With global warming came swarms of irritating arctic mosquitos and flies. Certain parts of South Greenland are intolerable without mosquito face masks.

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