Peope Vs Arctic Oil Drilling – Sign the petition

As we leave on a 10 day kayak expedition to Greenland to raise awareness about the plight of the arctic, Greenpeace goes to fight arctic oil drillers.

In the age of accelerating global climate change, when we most need to keep new fossil fuels in the ground, the Norwegian government has opened up a brand new area of the Barents Sea, above the Arctic Circle, for oil drilling.  The Barents Sea is experiencing the lowest sea ice it has ever seen. It is utterly irresponsible to go out looking for more oil on a planet that is being steadily overheated by the oil we have already dug up and burned.

So with the backing of a wide coalition, Greenpeace and Nature & Youth have filed a historic lawsuit against the Norwegian government.

Please sign this petition. Help Greenpeace beat arctic oil and help Save The Arctic. #savethearctic


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