Human blood sells better than tuna blood.

Three local journalists came out to the beach to cover the story about tuna overfishing and my beach landing. One of them had to leave before I arrived because someone got shot in the head. Even though 2 and half people get murdered on a normal weekday in Tijuana, he still found a neighborhood bloodshed more appealing than the global plight of tuna.

The remaining journalists were attentively listening to the problems of destructive tuna fishing right in front of the US-Mexico wall. The steel bar fence symbolized that tuna destruction is a global problem where walls and borders are irrelevant. In addition to campaigning for sustainable tuna consumption, I bashed Donald Trump a little, talked about the beauty of Mexico, praised this year’s agave harvest and invited them to have tequila with us. They both said it was better than covering a murder.

Here’s what you can do to Change Your Tuna.



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