Mission Accomplished

After spending my last night on a gorgeous, virgin beach in Point Loma overlooking the city of San Diego, I set out for the final push with the morning high tide.

Navy helicopters, cargo ships, submarines and jetski gangs killed my ocean zen. I also couldn’t spot Tijuana properly. What I tought was TJ was in fact still the US. It was a bit of a letdown to paddle 3.5 more kilometers against the current.

Dolphins and seals escorted me on the final stretch.

The Arcoiris Explorer and I landed on the beach in Tijuana at 14:35. Local news, mariachi musicians and TJ friends made up the welcome committee.

Tequila and euphoria are my dominant body chemicals right now. I hope I can gather my thoughts in a day or two and summarize this very special adventure.


Cargo ship waiting to enter San Diego Bay.


In front of the US border fence on the beach in Tijuana


Great welcome in TJ


Landed in Mexico


This adventure is over. Ready for a new one

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