I gradute from the prestigious UCLA School Of Kayaking

Some people love to take classes on any subject. I know someone who wanted to take a walking class to be a better walker. I, on the other hand prefer to learn things from the internet, YouTube videos or getting the Complete Idiot’s Guide To hobby of the moment.

Surviving on the open seas in a 17ft long plastic needle is not something that I wanted to take lightly. I thought maybe a real person should tell me what it’s like when a freak wave throws me out of the kayak, smacks me on the head, washes my paddle away while sharks are circling and not some guy who starts by saying, “Hello Youtubers”.

Unfaithful to my character I signed up at  UCLA’s Marina Aquatic Center for a Sea Kayaking survival class. Out of the 3 students, one dropped out the moment she had to get into a kayak. “It’s way out of my comfort zone,” she said anxiously as she left the class. I still wonder about what she might have been expecting. Introduction to kayak theory? Comparative transnational feminist perspectives on sea kayaking?

After 6 hours of falling into the water and ungracefully crawling back into the needle, I got my degree from UCLA. I completed the course with flying colors.I’m not only a UCLA graduate, but a “qualified” sea kayaker.



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